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Ergon GP1 Grips

Ergon GP1 Grips


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Ergon has further enhanced and refined the best-selling wing grip. The GP1 is the new benchmark for hand comfort and support, is free of harmful substances, elevates the original multi-award-winning comfort grip to the highest level of ergonomics and comfortable cycling. Design, development and manufacturing are Made in Germany to guarantee the highest quality product with increased sustainability and minimal waste production.

Goodbye hand pain and finger numbness

Hand discomfort while cycling is common, especially on longer rides. With unsupportive conventional round grips, riders often experience numbness in the fingers, as well as pain and irritation in the palms and wrists. Discomfort in the forearms, upper arms, neck and shoulders, can also be attributed to unsuitable grips with poor support. With the iconic GP1wing shape, Ergon has made it possible for millions of cyclists to enjoy comfortable cycling for the over 20 years.

Distributes pressure, protects the nerves

While cycling, a significant percentage of a rider’s body weight rests on the hands. This leads to high amount of pressure on a small area of the grips. This often constricts the extremely sensitive ulnar nerve, which runs under the skin surface in the area of the pinky finger. The wing shape of the GP1 Evo, which is scientifically adapted to the hand, effectively distributes pressure over a larger area, preventing discomfort.

Aligned wrists prevents discomfort

Overly bent wrists while cycling results in nerves, tendons and blood vessels being compressed. This can lead to severe pain and mobility problems concerning the median nerve. The ergonomic wing design of the GP1 Evo gently supports the wrist in an ergonomically optimized position – effectively alleviating wrist pain and soreness and numb tingling fingers.

Two sizes for optimal pressure distribution

To effectively distribute pressure on the handlebar and prevent discomfort, it is important that the hand does not completely enclose on the grips. Ergon offers the GP1 Evo in sizes "Small" and "Large". The difference between the two sizes is the thickness of the grip in-hand. A thicker grip provides an optimized fit for a larger hand, while a thinner grip is more advantageous for a smaller hand.

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