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Magped Sport 2 200N Magnetic Pedals

Magped Sport 2 200N Magnetic Pedals


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Revolutionize your cycling journey with the magped SPORT2 pedals, meticulously crafted to elevate your performance and comfort on the road or trail. This dynamic duo of magnetic pedals combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design, providing cyclists of all levels with a seamless riding experience like never before.

What's Inside the Box:

  • A Pair of magped SPORT2 Pedals (Left + Right)
  • Powerful Magnets: Ensuring a secure connection between your shoes and the pedals for optimal stability and control.
  • Metallic Plates: Specifically designed for SPD shoes, offering a sturdy platform for enhanced pedaling efficiency and power transfer.
  • Magnetic Screws in Two Lengths: Tailored to accommodate various shoe sizes and preferences, ensuring a customized fit for every rider.
  • Allen Key: For easy installation and adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune your pedal setup according to your preferences.
  • Weight Per Pair: SPORT 100 (420g), SPORT 150 (440g), SPORT 200 (458g) - Choose the ideal weight for your cycling needs and preferences.
  • Magnet Size Recommendation: Tailored to your weight and cycling style, ensuring optimal performance and comfort on every ride.
    • 100N: Recommended for cyclists weighing under 65 kg, providing the perfect balance of responsiveness and support.
    • 150N: Ideal for cyclists weighing between 65-90 kg, offering enhanced stability and control for a smooth riding experience.
    • 200N: Designed for cyclists weighing over 75 kg and Enduro enthusiasts, delivering maximum power and confidence on challenging terrains.
  • Dimensions: Length=104mm, Width=92mm, Height=18mm - Designed for optimal comfort and compatibility with a wide range of cycling shoes.
  • Compatibility Recommendation: We recommend SPD shoes with a fine to medium coarse tread for optimal performance and compatibility with the magped SPORT2 pedals.

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