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Oakley Filed Jacket

Oakley Filed Jacket


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The Oakley Field Jacket is a versatile and stylish piece of eyewear that combines performance features with a fashion-forward design. Here's a description of the Oakley Field Jacket:

Frame: The frame of the Oakley Field Jacket is crafted from durable O Matter™ material, known for its lightweight and stress-resistant properties. This ensures comfort and longevity, even during intense activities.

Lens Technology: The Field Jacket features Oakley's renowned Prizm™ lens technology, which enhances contrast and visibility in various light conditions. This technology is particularly beneficial for outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and running.

Interchangeable Lenses: One notable feature of the Field Jacket is its interchangeable lens system. This allows users to quickly and easily swap lenses to adapt to changing light conditions or specific activities. Whether you need increased contrast for trail running or reduced glare for road cycling, the Field Jacket can accommodate your needs.

Unobtainium™ Components: The Oakley Field Jacket incorporates Unobtainium™ ear socks and nose pads. This material increases grip when exposed to moisture, ensuring a secure fit even during sweaty workouts or rainy conditions.

Performance Design: The design of the Field Jacket is optimized for performance. Its semi-rimless frame allows for an unobstructed downward view, making it ideal for activities where visibility is crucial. Additionally, the frame is designed to accommodate prescription eyewear, ensuring that all users can enjoy the benefits of Oakley's advanced lens technology.

Style: Despite its performance-oriented features, the Oakley Field Jacket also boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic. Available in a variety of color options, it offers both functionality and style for those who demand the best in both performance and fashion.

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