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Shimano PD-ME700 Pedal

Shimano PD-ME700 Pedal


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The PD-ME700 is a high value SPD pedal designed for trail riding. Its large dual-sided platform creates a wide contact area between your shoe and pedal for improved stability and power transfer. You can trust the PD-ME700’s durability in the rough stuff. A protective cage, chrome-molly spindle, and sealed bearings ensure low-maintenance performance.



  • The PD-ME700 is an SPD Trail Pedal: A high value pedal designed to enhance your stability over rough terrain.
  • Stable & Efficient Pedaling: Wide pedal-to-shoe contact area promotes pedaling stability and efficient power transfer.
  • Smooth Engagement and Release: Retention claws and adjustable tension settings for reliable clipping in and out.
  • Control Even When Not Clipped In: Integrated cage increases stability and control when unclipped.
  • Robust Performance: Integrated cage protects against impacts and chrome-molly spindle is strong and durable.
  • SPD cleats included
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